I'm disturbed by those who claim they have a "constitutional" right to smoke in public places. I've read over the constitution and the amendments, and I can't find anywhere in there where it says that one class of people (smokers) has a right to go out into public and endanger another class of people (non-smokers). Do nicotine addicts truly believe they have a right to kill other people with their second-hand smoke - just because it makes them "happy?" The situation is clear. My right to be able to breathe resonably clean, non-carcinogenic air in a public place is not superceded by the smoker's right to light up anywhere the urge hits. Their claims not to believe the overwhelming evidence that second-hand smoke is deadly are disingenuous and pathetic. Even the tobacco companies have given up beating that drum. And no sane person would argue about the lingering stench. The professional whiners (and ex-athletes) claiming that a ban would result in loss of revenue for some businesses are apparently simply voicing their own desire to continue to light up in public regardless of any danger or offense to others. Last I heard, evidence indicates that no such loss is likely to occur. To help make sure that's the case, this should be a state-wide ban and should include ALL public areas, including outdoor venues. Are you listening, Governor?


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