Moving to the midwest? Here's a little insight into the local phone company: SBC (Smells Bad Continuously?) Ameriturd© (11/04/2002) Now they are merged back again with AT&T. (12/07/06)

Here's a point about going to war with Iraq. (11/05/2002)
And here’s another little analogy about that situation (3/6/2003)

Here's a little story that's more-or-less a true story. Don't be confused, it's actually about landlords and lawyers.. (11/08/2002)

Here's the text of some reviews I have written about cruises my wife and I have taken. (01/23/2005)

I'm really pissed off about the Supreme Court decision allowing de gub'ment to take away our homes to put up a parking lot.
Here's the text of a letter to the editor I sent off to the Chicago Tribune and my elected U.S. Representatives and Senators. (6/27/2005)
I suggest you do likewise if you want to keep your homes...

And, here's the text of another "letter to the editor" I submitted to the Chicago Tribune concerning a ban on smoking in all public places in Chicago.

Here's a letter I sent to all my state and federal representatives begging for some health care reform.

Here's an essay from author Charley Reese entitled: "The 545 People Responsible For All of America's Woes"

Here's another letter I submitted to the Tribune, AND all my elected employees concerning the constitutionality, lack of, of the "Health Reform" President Obama wants.

More later.

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